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How should I prepare before dental operation?

Many people underrate the importance and difficulty of dental operations. But in fact, these operations are carried out in one of our most vulnerable body parts, i.e., our teeth or jaw. The number of nerve cells in these areas is enormous and if not treated by experienced hands, they may cause great pain for the patients. As a result of these consequences, there are several things that patients should perform or pay attention to before the dental operation. Here are some of the general information that you need to know.


Follow the Instructions of your Dentist

Our dentists will inform you about what you need to do and how you should prepare yourself. We will be providing detailed instructions for you to get ready before the operation and following each of them is very important for the course of the operation as well as the results. These instructions may vary depending on your condition and operation but in general, the following instructions will be provided for the patients.


Medication Vacation & Pre Purchase of Medications

Some medications should not be used starting three days before the operation. In addition to this, our dentists will recommend certain medications to use after the operation. You may not be able to go out and get them. This is why it will be better for you to make your medications ready. Once again, our dentists will review the medications you regularly use before advising any medication vacation and recommend the ones you need to buy.


Empty/Full Stomach

Our dentists will recommend you to come to the operation on an empty or full stomach, depending on the type of operation. We highly recommend that you follow these instructions carefully for your own comfort.



As in all operations, you should stop consuming alcohol at least 3 days before the dental operations. In addition to this, smoking can delay the recovery process. It is advised to temporarily quit smoking at least a day before and you will not be allowed to smoke for a day after the operation to prevent complications.


Resting Well

It is very important to rest well before the operation. Resting well will help your body to reach faster and improve your immune system. The majority of dental operations are surgeries and patients need to be in form for a quick recovery.


Wearing Comfortable Clothes

Depending on the length of your operation, you may want to wear comfortable clothing. You may have to sit in the dental chair for hours depending on the type of operation. If it is a short operation, you may not feel any discomfort but sitting still in the same place for long hours with uncomfortable clothing may affect you both physically and psychologically. 



Our dentists will also provide detailed information about everything you need to know according to your condition and operation. However, the information we have provided above are the typical procedures that are requested from every patient. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time from [email protected]




In this article, NOA MedCare, health travel agency aims to inform our visitors about the things they need to do before cosmetic dentistry operations.

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