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Afro Hair Transplant

NOA MedCare, a UK-based company, offers the best afro hair transplant services across Europe, with its experienced practitioners.


Afro hair transplant is one of the most preferred beauty practices mainly in the black community. Sadly, people may lose their beautiful hair due to various reasons and diagonal bonds preferred by the black community is the most common cause of hair loss. If you are having problems such as hair loss, you will not have to worry since NOA MedCare offers one of the best and cheapest afro hair transplant services across Europe.


How Is Afro Hair Transplant Performed?


Afro hair transplant does not require any special technique and it is better to be performed with the FUE method, which is one of the most effective and preferred hair transplantation techniques. Those who are willing to have an afro hair are not able to achieve this look unless they do not have natural afro hair. In today’s methods, hair follicles are harvested from the donor area and then transplanted to the transplant area. This means that your own hair follicles are being used in the transplantation process. So, you should not expect to change your hair type by simply preferring one of these techniques.


Does Hair Transplant for Afro Hair Cost More?


Despite the same techniques are used, some clinics charge their patients more in such practices. However, as NOA MedCare, a UK-based company, we offer the same services and the same prices for every patient. But as in all hair transplantation practices, a detailed examination is required to talk about the figures related to the operation. Providing a price before the examination will be totally meaningless since every case may require special attention, techniques, and expertise. But as in all of our other beauty practices, we guarantee the best price in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe in our afro hair transplant services.


Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey


The recent incentives for foreign investment in Istanbul, Turkey provided a great opportunity for foreign companies to offer more affordable services. As NOA MedCare, we benefited from these incentives and opened a branch in Istanbul. If you have done research before, then you may already know the reputation of Turkish doctors in this area. We employed some of the best practitioners in Istanbul and now offering our services under medical tourism.


You can have an afro hair transplant in Turkey with affordable fees when compared to the rest of Europe. We can take you from the United Kingdom and let you have your operation in one of our clinics in Turkey and then bring you back., VIP transfers, accommodation, operation costs and examination fees will be included in the price. And thanks to the currency exchange difference, we guarantee that the total fee you need to pay will be far cheaper when compared to the prices in Europe and UK.


Afro Hair Transplant

Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant for Afro Hair








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