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As NOA MedCare, a UK-based healthcare company, we provide the best and most affordable dental braces treatments to the UK residents in private clinics.


Dental braces are one of the most commonly used treatments in order to correct misaligned and/or crowded teeth or jaws. If you need treatment and assistance, NOA MedCare is here to provide you some of the best services in the world. We can make sure you will be treated by experts in world standard and full-fledged clinics.


What Are Dental Braces?


Dental braces are one of the common dental treatments used by orthodontists. They are wire-based appliances and offered as a treatment to correct misaligned and/or crowded teeth or jaw. The majority of people require this treatment during their teenage years. In case you did not receive the required treatment in these years, you can still achieve the perfect look with the help of this treatment at any age.


This treatment is a customized treatment in which removable appliances are placed in the teeth. In the past, only one type of dental braces were available and it used to create a poor image on the patient. However, today it is possible to prefer different types of appliances including the invisible braces.


How Is Dental Braces Treatment?


Our doctor will examine your teeth and jaw before sharing their opinions and your options for treatment. After the examination, which includes different methods, we will be sharing detailed information about how the treatment can be offered. In line with your expectations and complaints, different kinds of dental braces can be used for eliminating the problem. In general, dental braces treatment is a pain-free method that requires no injection at all. The amount of time you need to wear these dental braces varies according to the condition of teeth and/or jaw and your expectations.


How Much Dental Braces Cost?


Dental braces cost is affordable when compared to the other dental treatment but since the majority of the insurance does not cover oral health and aesthetics, it may still be costly for the patient. A detailed examination is required to provide certain figures for the treatment. But as in all of our beauty and aesthetic practices, NOA MedCare offers a great solution for its patients to have their treatment for affordable prices.


You can participate in our private healthcare tours to receive treatment in world standard and full-fledged clinics in Turkey. Currently, the currency exchange rate difference between Turkey and the United Kingdom makes the country very affordable for all kinds of healthcare services. Our prices include accommodation, examination, treatment, VIP transfers and all kinds of other healthcare services required for the treatment. We can guarantee that this price is more affordable when compared to the same segment services you will receive in the United Kingdom.


Dental Braces

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