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Broken Or Knocked-Out Tooth

As a UK-based private healthcare travel agency, NOA MedCare offers world-standard services for the broken or knocked-out tooth to United Kingdom residents


Every year more than 5 million individuals around the world have to deal with broken or knocked-out teeth. If this happened to you, don’t worry because the medicine can offer various treatments depending on the condition to provide a solution. It is even possible to save your tooth within the first thirty minutes. NOA MedCare offers practical and satisfaction guaranteed healthcare services to United Kingdom residents at the most affordable prices.


What Is Knocked-Out Tooth


A knocked-out tooth is a common problem that affects 5 million teenagers and adults all around the world. It is also referred to as an avulsed tooth and considered one of the most serious dental emergencies. If you can receive treatment in the first 30 minutes, it is possible to save your tooth. But in case you were unable to receive the emergency treatment then NOA MedCare will be with you to provide the best treatment to replace your tooth.


How Is Knocked-Out Tooth Treatment?


As a UK-based healthcare travel agency, we will not be able to serve you in an emergency and thus, we will inform you about the treatment process that will be used after a while from the incident. Our dentists can examine you and offer the best and most recent techniques and methods to replace your teeth after listening to your expectations. In general, dental dentures are preferred to replace the missing tooth but other methods can be preferred according to the expectations and demands of our patients.


Knocked-Out Tooth in the UK


Unfortunately, knocked-out tooth treatment is not covered by insurance. This is why you will have to pay the entire healthcare fees from your budget. This can be a costly procedure in the United Kingdom since the majority of dental treatments are expensive. However, NOA MedCare offers you a great opportunity to receive the same segment services for more affordable prices by taking advantage of currency exchange rate differences.


We can take you to our private clinics and/or hospitals in Turkey, in which the Turkish Lira is 7.5 times less valuable than Sterling. Turkish dentists and orthodontists are popular doctors all around the world and we work with the most reputable Turkish doctors in our healthcare facilities. In addition to this, our tour packages include all costs relating to your healthcare services, accommodation, and VIP transfers, yet they will be much more affordable than similar services you will receive in the United Kingdom.


You can contact us at any time to get detailed information about the services and private healthcare tours we offer to the United Kingdom residents.


Knocked Out Tooth

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