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Dentures or False Teeth

As a UK-based healthcare travel agency, NOA MedCare offers the best and most affordable dental dentures or false teeth services/treatment to UK residents


NOA MedCare provides all kinds of dental treatment including dental dentures or false teeth to its patients residing in the United Kingdom. If you would like to receive abroad healthcare services with the assurance of a United Kingdom-based company, then you can contact us for more information whenever you want.


What Is Dentures/False Teeth Definition?


Dentures, which are also known as false teeth are tooth replacement made of different materials such as metal, nylon or acrylic. They are used to replace the missing teeth in order to eliminate potential discomfort and health conditions caused by the gaps. These potential problems may include difficulty in eating, speaking and formation of new gaps in teeth in the long run.


When Dentures Or False Teeth Are Preferred?


NOA MedCare always recommends its patients to save their natural teeth. However in some cases saving the decayed, infected or broken teeth may not be possible and in these cases, dentures or in other words, false teeth can be preferred. If you have a missing tooth in your mouth or any of your teeth need to be replaced, you can prefer this dental treatment to prevent possible health problems and maintain your beautiful smile.


Dentures vs False Teeth


There is a misconception that dentures and false teeth are completely different things. However, both of the terms are used to define the artificial tooth replaced by natural teeth. The misconception may arise due to the different kinds of applications. Depending on your condition, our specialists will recommend you complete dentures or partial dentures. A complete denture is a full set of false teeth that is used to replace your entire lower or upper teeth while a partial denture is a single false tooth used to replace only one or separate teeth.


This dental treatment is a costly healthcare service. If you need more than one replacement, the cost will increase accordingly. However, NOA MedCare offers an opportunity for its patients to receive the same segment services abroad. We have full-fledged and world standard private clinics and/or hospitals in Turkey. As of now, Turkish Lira is 7.5 times less valuable than Sterling and the country offers a great opportunity for UK residents to receive more affordable services.


If you are interested in benefiting from such affordable and high-quality healthcare services, you can contact us at any time to get more information and book your trip.


Dentures Or False Teeth

Dentures False Teeth Definition

Dentures vs False Teeth

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