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FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant ‘Strip Method’

As a UK-based company, NOA MedCare provides detailed information on one of the old hair restoration methods, FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant technique.


Due to the emergence of new, more affordable and more effective hair transplantation methods, as a UK-based company, NOA MedCare, does not offer services in the FUT method. However, we would like to provide detailed information about this old and not preferred method, which is the ancestor of the recent and more effective methods such as the FUE method.


What Is Follicular Unit Transplant?


FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is the ancestor of all modern hair transplantation methods and it was the most popular method until 2005. With the advancement in medicine and technology, more effective, pain-free methods that offer more successful results emerged. As a result, this method became history. Today, none of the specialists and clinics recommend this method to any of their patients due to various reasons such as the cost, unnatural looking, and recovery period.


Why Is Follicular Unit Transplantation Important?


In fact, it does not have any value for the patients anymore. If this method wouldn’t be developed, probably the majority of the current and effective hair transplant methods would not emerge. You can consider this method as a primitive hair transplantation technique. Basically, grafts are harvested from the different parts of the body and then injected into the bald areas of the scalp. However, the success rates of the technique are quite low and in general, the results do not look natural.


In addition to this, patients feel more pain when compared to recent methods. This method is an important method for the literature since it was the first of its kind. As NOA MedCare, we recommend recent and modern techniques to our patients because of the cost, post-operative care, recovery period and success rates of these techniques.


Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation Costs


Just like in all hair transplant methods, it is not possible to provide definite information about follicular unit hair transplantation costs. Moreover, your chances to find a clinic which offers this method as a hair restoration technique is quite low since it is not being used all around the world for more than a decade.


However, as a UK-based company, MedCare offers all types of recent and modern techniques to its patients. You can restore your hair together with your self-confidence by benefiting from our services in our clinics in different parts of the world. We offer the best deals in hair transplantation and other beauty practices as a part of medical tourism to let you take advantage of the power of our currency.


Follicular Unit Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation Cost

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