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NOA MedCare offers one of the most common dental practices, dental fillings, to its patients with the best price guarantee. Call us now to book your appointment


NOA MedCare is a United Kingdom-based private healthcare travel agency that offers affordable and world-standard beauty and aesthetics operations to its patients. We can help you to receive the best services by benefiting from the currency exchange rates with the assurance of a UK-based company.


What Are Dental Fillings?


Dental fillings are a kind of dental treatment which are carried out to restore the stability and shape of the problematic tooth. They are usually applied to ease chewing, prevent further damage in a tooth, eliminate any decay on the tooth and prevent the loss of the natural tooth. Although many people believe dental fillings are only used in the presence of tooth decay, there are other application areas depending on the needs and the condition of the tooth. They are also used to restore eroded and worn our teeth.


Basically, the goal in dental fillings is to prevent the loss of tooth which only damaged in the enamel. If the damage did not affect the inner pulp and blood vessels as well as nerves function normally, it is possible to save the teeth with such an application.


What Are Dental Fillings Types?


Today, patients have abundant choices in terms of dental fillings and our experts can guide you to choose the best practice and material for your operation after the examination. Each type of dental fillings has certain advantages and disadvantages.


In addition to this, the material used in these dental fillings has a wide range of choices such as porcelain, silver amalgam, composite materials, and gold. Composite materials and amalgam are the most commonly preferred types due to their long-lasting lifetime and affordable costs. But if you wonder your other options, here is the full list of dental filling types available on the market:


  • Composite Fillings
  • Amalgam Fillings
  • Metal Fillings such as gold or silver
  • Glass Ionomer
  • Ceramic


How Is Dental Fillings Procedure?


Our experts will examine you first and then discuss the best applications to offer the best solution for your problem. Once you agree with the applications, a local anesthetic will be applied to your gum with an injection to initiate the operation. If there is any tooth decay, these areas will be removed with special techniques to clean the tooth from any decay. Once the area is cleaned and sterilized, the filling material will be applied to the area, which will be preshaped according to the shape of your natural teeth.


Our experts will want you to bite, talk and perform certain actions to make sure that the filling does not cause any discomfort during the use. After that, the filling will be fixed in its place and your operation will be concluded.


How Much Dental Fillings Cost?


A dental filling is one of the affordable practices among other dental practices. However, they are still costly when you need more than one filling. Also, the costs will change depending on the tooth/teeth condition. Our doctors will inform you about the cost after the detailed examination. If you do not want to spend most of your savings on this necessary operation, then you can benefit from our private healthcare tours.


As NOA MedCare, we organize private healthcare tours to our clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. All of these and similar operations will be carried out in Istanbul with the assurance of a United Kingdom-based company. In this way, you can save more by benefiting from the current currency exchange rates difference between the United Kingdom and Turkey. You can call us now to get more information and book your private tour to one of the leading countries in healthcare tourism.


Dental Fillings Cost

Dental Fillings Types

Dental Fillings Procedure

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