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FUE Travel Package £990 GBP

Affordable opportunity when compared with UK prices for a premium Istanbul trip to experience the latest technique of hair transplant. 

  • Single session FUE Hair Transplant with maximum grafts,
  • All surgery and hospital fees,
  • Medical supplies including medication, shampoo and lotion,
  • Private VIP airport transfer (round trip)
  • 2-3 nights accommodation at a 4 or 5 star premium Istanbul hotel including breakfast,
  • Private VIP transfers between hotel and hospital,
  • 12 month aftercare programme,
  • 24/7 specialist assistance from Doctor Nuri and his team throughout the duration of your stay.


...all for £1.290 GBP    (excluding flights)


* Contact us for free and no obligation online consultation.

** Ask for traveling with friend or family options.

*** Contact our "care team from"  0781 061 3737 for flight recommendations.



As NOA MedCare, a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel agency, we give utmost importance to the comfort of our patients whom we serve the world standard services at affordable prices. Every patient who prefers us knows that we carry out our operations with the possible highest standards that guarantee patient satisfaction. Below, you can find the details of our healthcare travel packages.

Accommodation at a Premium Istanbul Hotel: We work with the top class hotels in Istanbul and all of our patients will accommodate in 4 or 5-star hotels during their healthcare trip. All of the fees regarding this accommodation will be covered by the healthcare travel package you buy from us.

Private VIP Airport Transfers (Round-Trip) Your VIP transfers from/to the airport will be carried out by luxurious vehicles with the assistance of NOA MedCare staff. This service is also covered by your travel package and in this way you will not have to worry about the busy traffic of Istanbul and expensive transportation services.

Private VIP Transfers Between Hotel and Hospital: Our staff will organize the schedule for you and carry out the VIP transfers for your examination, operation and other appointments with our doctors. We will be informing you about the times and transfers in advance and carry out VIP transfers with luxurious and comfortable vehicles.

FUE Maximum Grafts Single Session (6-8 Hours) FUE hair transplant operations are completed with a single session that takes approximately 6 hours. The fee you pay for the travel package also covers FUE maximum grafts single session, including the examination and first appointment with our doctors.

All Surgery and Hospital Fees: NOA MedCare covers all surgery and hospital fees regarding the healthcare services you prefer with our travel tours. You will not have to a penny before visiting the hospital or being discharged from the hospital, including anesthesia and all kinds of after-treatment.

Medical Supplies (Medication, Shampoo, Lotion, etc) Your travel package will also cover all kinds of medications and medical supplies that our doctors will recommend for after-care. All you will need to do is get these supplies and start using them in line with the recommendations of your doctors.

12-Month Aftercare Programme: NOA MedCare also offers aftercare programme for 12 months after the operation. In this way, we will be next to you during the entire recovery process in order to ensure patient satisfaction and the best results. You can contact us and consult anything that will be on your mind regarding the operations.

24/7 Specialist Assistance During Your Trip: Our experts will be on your side at every stage of your trip. You can contact us at any time or contact with your guide to get more information for any details. If requested, we will also recommend you top-quality restaurants, tourist attractions, must-visit places in Istanbul as well. We will be doing our best to make you feel comfortable and have the best experience during your trip.

*In case you have any further questions regarding our services, you can contact us at any time to get more information and book your private healthcare tour.

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