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After Dental Operation

After Dental Operation


In this article, NOA MedCare, a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel agency informs its visitors the things they need to do after dental operations.


Depending on the operation you have undergone, you may feel pain in the operation area. Our dentists will inform you about the things you need to do after the dental operation and prescribe medication. However, we have shared some of the most common suggestions provided for every patient as a routine.


The main purpose of the following suggestions is to prevent any infection risk or trauma in the operation area. In addition to this, strictly following these suggestions will help you to shorten your recovery period.




Swelling is the common complication observed after dental operations, especially this operation is surgery. Using a cold compress for a day can help you to reduce swelling. You may also experience stiffness in your facial muscles, which is quite natural too. There is nothing to worry about such symptoms since it will take only a week for the swelling and stiffness to be completely gone.


Recommended Medications


Some of the dental operations may be quite painful and our dentists will recommend certain medications for pain relief as well as prevent the infection risk. You should take your medications on time and do not use any over-the-counter medications without consulting our dentists.


Resting Well


You need to rest well for at least 2 days after the operation. Resting will help your body to recover faster and minimize your complaints. In addition to this, physical activity is not recommended for at least 2-3 days. You can return to your everyday life after 2 days.


Oral Hygiene


Our dentists will recommend you the required products you need to use. You should not ignore your oral care but also you have treated the operation area gently to prevent any complications. In general saline or saltwater solution is recommended but your doctor will provide you the best and most effective recommendation by evaluating your condition and operation.




It is not recommended to smoke for at least a day after dental operations. Smoking can disturb the blood circulation and it can also cause infection in open wounds. Moreover, smoking will delay all kinds of recovery in your body and weaken your immune system.




Bleeding may be accepted natural in certain types of dental operations such as tooth extraction. However, this complication may be the indicator of unwanted conditions. Our dentist will inform you about the case depending on the dental operation you have undergone.


The information we have provided is a general guideline that is recommended after all kinds of dental operations. However, it will be worth to note that additional instructions will be provided depending on the type of operation. If you need any further information about these or our healthcare services, please feel free to contact us at any time.










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