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Ice Fue - Ice Graft Hair Transplant

As NOA MedCare, we also offer the ice graft hair transplant to people living in all of Europe and UK. You can contact with us to get more information.


Basically, ice graft hair transplant is similar to regular FUE, the only difference is the harvested hair follicles are shocked and kept in a special liquid after being removed from the donor area. In this way, these hair follicles do not break down and protected in the best condition until they are transplanted to the transplant area.


Basics of Ice Fue Hair Transplant


In general, all of the procedures are the same as the regular FUE method. You can think of this method as the sub-branch of this amazing hair recovery technique. Just in the FUE method, your hair follicles will be harvested from the determined donor area with the help of a DHI. After that, these hair follicles are shocked with the help of special medical devices to protect their form and quality. They will be kept in a special liquid until they are transplanted to the transplant area. Thus, maximum efficiency can be achieved in the operation.


Can You Prefer Ice Fue Transplant?


Any patient who can benefit from the regular FUE method can also benefit from Ice Fue Transplant. This can only be determined by a specialist who will examine your scalp first. The quality and number of grafts received from the harvested area will be examined and if the healthy amount of grafts will be removed in a single application, you can prefer any of the FUE methods with ease of mind.


Ice FUE in Turkey


As NOA MedCare, a UK-based company, we have private clinics in the major cities of Turkey and we transfer some of our patients to these clinics for more affordable services. The profitable currency exchange difference between Turkey and European countries make Turkey an attractive destination for high-quality and affordable services. Moreover, Turkish doctors are regarded as the best practitioners in hair transplants.


Ice FUE in Istanbul


Most of our clinics are located in Istanbul, the only city in the world which connects two continents. Istanbul is a metropolitan city that has more than 25 million population. Turkish government gives great importance to medical tourism in the city and offer great incentives to international investments. Including the travel, accommodation and transfer costs, you can have your hair transplant operation in Turkey with NOA MedCare assurance for more affordable prices when compared to any of the European countries. You can contact us at any time to get more information or book your private medical healthcare trip.





Ice Fue Hair Transplant

Ice Fue Transplant

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