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Did you know hair mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods in preventing hair loss? NOA MedCare offers the best hair mesotherapy applications in the UK


As a UK-based medical travel agency, NOA MedCare offers one of the best and most affordable hair mesotherapy treatments in the United Kingdom and across Europe. This miracle treatment is being used in many fields of medicine and hair recovery is one of these fields. You can prevent and even reverse the hair loss causes with the help of this treatment.


What Is Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a kind of skin treatment based on injecting very small amounts of drugs locally using fine needles of 4-6 mm in length. The drugs injected into the area are rich in terms of nutrients and prevent the majority of hair loss causes.


As in all beauty and aesthetic practices, it is very important for this treatment to be performed by specialists who are experts in this field.


What’s the Difference of Mesotherapy For Hair?


Mainly, mesotherapy is used for skin renewal, provide tightness and get rid of the extra oil on the skin. Mesotherapy for hair, our specialists will examine your scalp and determine the best ingredients to be injected into the area to prevent the progression of hair loss cause. Basically, this treatment is very similar to its other usage fields. The only and main difference is the content that is injected into the scalp. This should be prepared and injected by specialists who are experts in this field to get the best results.


Mesotherapy in Istanbul


Turkish government offers many international investment incentives to make Istanbul attractive for healthcare trips. As NOA MedCare, we took advantage of these opportunities to offer the best and most affordable services to the United Kingdom citizens. We have our private and full-fledged clinic in Istanbul which serves with some of the best experts in this field and reanimation. We can assure you that you are going to pay less for the entire and private healthcare tour then a similar operation you will have in the United Kingdom or across Europe. You can contact us to get detailed information and even book your private tour.



Mesotherapy For Hair

Mesotherapy Istanbul

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