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Moustache & Beard Transplant

As NOA MedCare, we offer moustache & beard transplant operations for men. We guarantee the best deals in the UK and all you need to do is contact with us.


NOA MedCare is a UK-based company offering a wide range of beauty practices to the citizens of the United Kingdom and other European countries. Moustache & beard transplant is one of our services that helped hundreds of men to create a new image. Due to their hormones, some men can’t grow a beard or moustache and they can’t benefit from the recent trends. However, Moustache & beard transplant is one of the recent methods that is carried out special techniques such as FUE method, to let men have the perfect moustache & beard that they always wanted.


How Is Moustache Transplant Performed?


Just like the other hair transplant operations, moustache transplants can be performed with many techniques. However, the FUE method is the most common technique due to various reasons such as less pain, faster recovery and better results. In this operation, hair follicles will be harvested from different parts of the body. In general, these follicles are harvested from the back and sides of the head. Then they are transplanted to the desired area.


You won’t have to worry that your moustache will not look natural because different kinds of hair will be used in the area. The transplanted hair will fall after the operation and new hair will grow in the area. This is one of the microsurgery operations that has the highest patient satisfaction rate. Plus, you will be able to design your new moustache before the operation!


How Is Beard Transplant Performed?


Beard transplant has the same principles as the moustache transplant. Both of these operations should be carried out by specialists who are experts in this field. NOA MedCare employs the best doctors that are experienced and expert in this field and served more than hundreds of people to help them to create a new image!


NOA MedCare Moustache And Beard Transplant


As a UK-based company, NOA MedCare offers the best prices and deals on all kinds of beauty practices. Our investments in different countries can help you to benefit from the power of Sterling and use the exchange rate differences as leverage to receive affordable services. Some of our private clinics are located in Turkey, which made great investments in the medical industry and offered foreign investment incentives.


We can offer you a private medical tourism tour in which you will visit one of our full-fledged private clinics in Istanbul. All of your expenses including travel, examination, operation, accommodation are included in the package fee and it will be still more affordable than similar beauty practices in the United Kingdom or entire Europe. Plus, your operation will be carried out by some of the best hair transplant practitioners in the world!


Moustache Transplant

Beard Transplant

Moustache and Beard Transplant

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