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After Hair Transplant

After Hair Transplantation Operation


In this article, NOA MedCare, a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel agency informs its patients and visitors about after hair transplantation operation.


It is quite natural to worry and be curious about what to expect after hair transplantation operation and try to learn more about what kind of changes you are going to experience. In this article, NOA MedCare informs its patients and visitors about after hair transplantation operation.


What to Expect After Hair Transplantation Operations?


Right After the Operation


Our doctors will wrap the donor area with a bandage and provide you a special hairband in order to prevent all kinds of swelling on your face after the operation. Some minor scabs and red holes can be observed in the transplant and donor area. These scabs will completely heal within 15 days after the operation.


It is quite natural to feel mild pain, itching and swelling in after the operation for a few days. Our doctors will recommend regular treatments such as ice compresses, lotions and different types of medicine for these complications.


A Day After the Operation


You will be invited to our clinics for supplementary treatments such as PRP or laser treatment as well as for post-operational cleaning of the donor and transplant area. This day, our doctors will remove the bandage.


3 Days After the Operation


You will be allowed to wash your hair and in case you will have worries, you can visit our clinics to let our specialists perform the washing on behalf of you. Our doctors will recommend special lotions and shampoo as well as provide detailed guidance about how you need to wash your hair for the following 15 days. By washing your hair, you will speed up the recovery of scabs and your scalp.


5-7 Days After the Operation


Your transplanted hair will get stronger and the risk of falling them down will be greatly decreased. Even though you may feel intense itching, you still need to avoid all kinds of scratching for relief for the 4-5 days after the operation. The transplanted hair will start to fall naturally in this period and it will continue to fall for the following 2-3 months. However, don’t worry because this is completely natural and new hair will grow in the area.


15-30 Days After the Operation


Your image will look completely normal after 2-4 weeks from the operation. It will not be possible to figure out that you recently had a hair transplantation operation.


1-3 Months After the Operation


The majority of the transplanted hair will be lost during this period. In this way, new hair will start to grow.


4-6 Months After the Operation


Your new hair will rapidly start to grow during this period. You can easily notice the success and results of the hair transplantation operation during this time.


6-12 Months After the Operation


Your hair will continue to grow rapidly and you can easily notice that it becomes thicker.


12-18 Months After the Operation


This is the ultimate period that you can fully observe the results and success of the operation. You finally achieve the image that you would like to achieve. In some patients, it may take 20 months on the crown area to fully recover but in general 15 months will be enough time to observe the ultimate results on the front area.


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