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In this article, NOA MedCare, a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel agency provides detailed information about the results of hair transplantation operation


Today, modern medicine offers special techniques such as the FUE method with incredibly high success rates. If you are planning to undergo a hair transplantation operation soon and have worries about the results, then the following information can be useful for you.


What to Expect from the Operation?


If you prefer methods such as FUE and its sub-branches, you can easily expect results that will look totally natural. People will be unable to notice that you have undergone hair transplantation operation recently after a month from the operation. It will be worth to note that your transplanted hair will fall after a few weeks from the operation but new and natural hairs with the same thickness and look of your old hair will start to grow. It usually takes about 6-8 months to observe the regrowth of your transplant hair and the entire process will be completed between 12-18 months. Every year, millions of people prefer hair transplantation operations to get back the hair they lost due to various reasons. These methods are suitable for both genders and offer the highest success rates to patients who want to create a new image.


Results of Hair Transplantation Operation


We would like to note that in addition to your hair, hair transplantation operation can be preferred for all kinds of facial hair such as eyebrows, beard, and mustache. As NOA MedCare, a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel agency, we have served more than hundreds of United Kingdom residents and other European citizens.


We have partners in Turkey to offer the most affordable and best hair transplantation services as well as other popular and effective beauty & aesthetics practices. If you are interested in our healthcare services, you can contact us at any time to get detailed information about our services and request before & after photos of our patients. 

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