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Sapphire FUE - Performed With Sapphire Blades

As NOA MedCare, we offer Sapphire FUE method in its Turkish partner clinics to offer more reasonable and higher-quality services to European and UK visitors.


As NOA MedCare, Sapphire FUE is one of the hair transplant services we offer to our patients. This practice is carried out by our specialists in full-fledged and world standard private clinics with a VIP service. Accommodation, VIP transfers, examination, operation and all of the other costs relating to our services included in the pricing. Moreover, we guarantee the best price deal when compared to the same segment or similar practices in the UK. Our specialised  consultants will fully inform you to avoid any possible hidden costs.


What Is Sapphire FUE Method?


Sapphire FUE method is one of the recent hair transplantation methods in which the incisions on the donor and transplant area are carried out with sapphire blades. In this way, no visible scar will occur in both of the areas and the recovery period will be shorter than usual. Patients can get back to work only a week after the operation.


The tips of these sapphire blade areas between 1 and 1.5 mm. This allows the specialists to open more channels on the scalp to transplant the hair follicles harvested from the donor area. As a result, the sapphire FUE method guarantees more successful results.


Benefits of Sapphire FUE Technique


Using sapphire equipment has many benefits for the patient. First of all, these blades are harder and sharper than the regular blades. Thus physicians can open more channels on the scalp easily and this reduces complication risks such as scalp tissue damage and infection. Also, since more channels can be opened, this can help you to undergo more dense hair transplantation which can help you to achieve a more natural-looking image.


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the sapphire FUE technique considerably shortens the recovery periods as incisions are smaller.


Sapphire Fue in Turkey


There is a rising trend in hair transplant in the United Kingdom and other European countries. As a UK-based company, NOA MedCare seeks excellence in its service. Thus, we invite you to one of our private clinics located in Istanbul, Turkey. The international investment incentives of the Turkish government in medicine tourism attract the attention of many investors and as NOA MedCare, we benefit from this opportunity as a UK-based company to offer more affordable and high-quality services to our patients.


Some of the well-known Turkish hair transplant practitioners are serving in our private clinics in Istanbul. We can guarantee the best price deal including your round-trip flights, accommodation, and all medical services when compared to similar services provided in the UK. If you are interested in our offer, you can contact us at any time for details and booking.


Sapphire Fue

Sapphire Fue Technique

Sapphire Fue in Turkey

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