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NOA MedCare

Sideburn Restoration

As NOA MedCare, a UK-based company, we offer one of the most anticipated, preferred and special hair transplant services for men such as sideburn restoration.


Sideburn restoration is one of the dozens of beauty applications that are offered by UK-based NOA MedCare. This special operation allows men to create their new and better image as a result of hair loss they experience in this area. Thanks to the efficiency of current methods and our expertise, sideburn baldness will not be a problem anymore. All you need to do is contact us and get more information about the processes and operations.


What Is Sideburn Restoration?


Sideburn restoration is one of the new techniques that allow men to restore their hair on sideburns. This special operation can be carried out with various techniques but in general, the FUE method is commonly preferred. This method allows the practitioners to plant your own hair follicles in the transplant area. So that you will grow your own hair on your sideburn and the success rate of the operation increase significantly.


Our specialists will examine you first in order to determine the best possible techniques for the operation. After that, you will determine the operation day together with our experts. You can get back to work after 2 days from the operation too! So that this operation can be a great chance to take advantage of your off-days to create a new image that will help you to boost your self-confidence.


Thanks to this operation, you can get rid of asymmetric, patchy or uneven look on your sideburn. You can also conceal your acne scars in this area without any problem and help to treat your thinning problem in the area. This operation is also generally preferred to facilitate facelift operations.


Why NOA MedCare?


NOA MedCare is a reputable UK-based clinic that offers the best deals to the UK and other European citizens with its healthcare trips. We will help you to take advantage of the power of our currency and let your operations carried out by some of the best experts in related fields. We offer modern solutions for those who are looking for affordable beauty & aesthetics practices by taking them to our full-fledged and private clinics in Turkey. In this way, the entire costs of the tour (including accommodation, surgery, operation, etc) will cost cheaper than a similar segment services that you will have in the UK or across Europe. You can contact us anytime to get more information and book your private trip.


Sideburn Restoration

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