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NOA MedCare

Why Choose Noa Medcare


Why Choose Noa Medcare

NOA MedCare Global Health Travel Specialist offers you a wide range of treatment and cosmetic surgeries. Working with the most experienced clinics and professionals, we are dedicated to providing top quality of care tailored to your own individual needs.

Even though there are dozens of reasons for you to prefer NOA MedCare, without a doubt, our world standard and affordable services are the outstanding features

As NOA MedCare, a global healthcare travel agency, we served more than hundreds of British & European guests and still increasing the number of our happy patients every day. We offer the assurance of an international company for the healthcare services you will receive abroad. Our company will be next to you at every stage of the operation. Below, you can find some of the main reasons why we grow our patient portfolio faster than similar healthcare travel agencies in the United Kingdom.


We Offer Full Experience

Our services include all kinds of operations in a foreign country, i.e., Turkey. You pay just once for the healthcare tour and will not be charged for any operations during your visit. Our prices include VIP transfers from/to airport, accommodation in 5-star hotels, examination, operation, surgery, aftercare, and so on. The only things our price does not include is your flight tickets and your expenses in your free time in the country.


We Offer All Kinds of Beauty & Aesthetics Practices

From dental treatment to hair transplantation, we offer all kinds of beauty & aesthetics practices (plastic surgery is not included) in full-fledged private clinics and hospitals in Turkey. We have reputable partners in Turkey which employed or run by the most reputable Turkish doctors in the world. If you want to improve your overall look or health, NOA MedCare is the best and most affordable solution you need.


We Offer Most Recent Techniques

All of our clinics and hospitals are full-fledged healthcare facilities that are equipped with the most recent equipment. Only the most recent and most effective techniques are used in these facilities to ensure the success of each operation and satisfaction of each patient. We believe that every human being should receive the best services for the best prices and we do our best to offer this concept to the United Kingdom residents and other European citizens.


We Offer Quality and Affordable Services

There are two main reasons why we carry out the majority of our operations in Turkey. One of them is quality and the other one is offering affordable prices.

The Turkish government focuses on healthcare tourism and as a result, they provide very attractive international investment incentives. NOA MedCare benefits from this opportunity to offer the most affordable services to the United Kingdom residents. During the last decade, on average, Sterling was always 7.5 times more valuable than Turkish Lira. This allows our patients to benefit this currency exchange rate difference as leverage to receive the same segment services at more affordable prices than the United Kingdom.

Again, as a result of the Turkish government's goals, they made great investments in healthcare infrastructure. This improved the overall quality of their services as well as helped them to train specialists who are known as the leading doctors in the world. NOA MedCare has partnerships with some of the most reputable and experienced Turkish doctors.


We Offer Trust

We do not perceive our patients as customers but individuals who are willing to spend some of their savings to improve their overall image and/or health. We all save money with different hopes and as a result of a hard-working, so we are aware that you sacrifice or postpone some of your dreams to improve your condition. This is why we aim to provide the best services by helping you to save hard-earned money as much as you can. As a result of this understanding, we have hundreds of happy UK resident patients who received services from us and improved their quality of life quality.

If you would like to be one of our happy and satisfied customers and find an effective solution to your medical problem then you can contact us at any time to get more information about the services we provide for you.




Why Turkey?


Without a doubt, Turkey is one of the leading countries in beauty and aesthetics practices such as hair transplantation. This is a well-earned reputation as a result of the Turkish government’s investments in healthcare infrastructure and attractive international investment incentives offered more than a decade. Today, Turkey has the biggest share in healthcare tourism and hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the most preferred healthcare services.


Turkish doctors have been offering hair transplantation services since the early 1990s. Today, they are worldly-famous practitioners in the most recent and effective hair restoration techniques. With years of experience, affordable prices, full-fledged and modern clinics and/or hospitals, it seems like Turkey will keep its largest share in healthcare tourism for many years.


Why Should You Prefer Hair Transplant in Turkey?


As we mentioned before, the Turkish government pays utmost attention to healthcare tourism and offers some of the best and highest segment services in the world. With the world-standard infrastructure and well-educated practitioners, you can receive the best possible service in the country. Since hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgery that is performed to improve the general image of the patient, the experience of the practitioners' matters a lot and Turkey is full of world-class and reputable practitioners in this field.


As Turkey attracts visitors for different kinds of healthcare services, mainly hair transplantation, the success rates in such operations enhance every year. As of now, Turkey is the leading country in hair transplant operations performed per year by ranking higher than nations such as India and the United States, which are 5 times and 14 times more populated than Turkey, respectively.


World-Standard Training and Experience


Turkish doctors are reputable doctors in many fields of medicine. Today, one of the leading doctors of the United States is a Turkish doctor, Mehmet Oz. In addition to this, Turkish doctors break grounds every year with the successful and challenging operations they complete. The country has at least one medical school in every province and pays great importance for the training of newly qualified doctors with the guidance of experienced practitioners in the field.


World-Standard & Full-Fledged Clinics/Hospitals


With the emphasis on healthcare tourism, the majority of the clinics and/or hospitals benefit from the recent techniques, technologies, and equipment. You can receive world-standard services in all of the private clinics and/or hospitals in Turkey which the majority of them are owned and run by doctors who have years of experience in their fields.


Low Cost & Affordable Prices


Unfortunately, Turkey is dealing with economic fluctuations and although life in the country is not affected at all, the war in its neighbor Syria, located in the far east of the country, affected its financial system. This leads the Turkish Lira to lose value against other currencies. For more than a decade, Sterling was 7.5 times more valuable than Turkish Lira. This fact can serve as leverage for patients who want to receive better services at affordable prices.


All of your operations will be carried out under the supervision and with the assistance of a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel agency, NOA MedCare. You can contact us at any time to get more information about our services.

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