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As a United Kingdom-based healthcare travel company, NOA MedCare offers one of the most recent techniques in dental implants, the Zirconium, for its patients


NOA MedCare continues to bring the best and most recent practices in healthcare to the United Kingdom residents. As in all of our practices, we guarantee the best practices for the best prices in the United Kingdom and across Europe. We can help you to benefit from the power of Sterling and receive the same segment services for more affordable prices. Zirconium, one of the most recent techniques in dental implants, is one of these services, which you should not miss!


What Is Zirconium Implants?


Zirconium implants are the most recent technique in dental implants which began to take place of traditional materials such as titanium implants. Basically, they are tooth replacements which promote osseointegration in the body. Osseointegration allows bone formation around the implant just like our natural tooth roots. Unlike titanium dental implants, zirconium implants are one piece.


What Is Zirconium Teeth?


Zirconium teeth is a commonly used term for zirconium implants. These implants are one piece and made of zirconia that has the very same characteristics as diamonds. One of the main advantages of these implants is they are metal-free. With people becoming more conscious about their oral health, the majority of the patients have concerns over the mercury that is commonly used in dental fillings. Those who are looking for the best and user-friendly materials can prefer zirconium teeth with ease of mind. As NOA MedCare, we also recommend this miracle material for all kinds of dental implants.


Zirconium Crowns Costs in Turkey


As zirconium implants are considerably new material and have a slightly different implementation procedure, the cost of zirconium implants is more expensive than regular titanium implants. Although the United Kingdom offers one of the most affordable healthcare services across Europe, we can help you to use the power of our currency as leverage and have the same segment operation cheaper than any other option in the United Kingdom.


As a UK-based healthcare travel company, we offer you an opportunity to visit one of our private clinics in Turkey and have your operation with our assurance. Recently, Sterling is 7.5 times more valuable than Turkish Lira and it offers a great opportunity to receive healthcare services in Turkey with the private healthcare tours of NOA MedCare. You can contact us anytime to get more information and/or book your tour.


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