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ZIRCONIUM Full VENEER Package Guide Price £3.900

Zirconium Porcelain Crowns / Veneers are usually made with the desire to eliminate aesthetic concerns. This is an estimated Istanbul Travel Package including an average patient's need of FULL SET - 20 Teeth Veneer + Hotel accommodations + Airport transfers + Chauffeur services between hotel & clinic.

How long do I need to travel for my Dental Crowns/ Full Veneers? In relation to timescales, it is usually the case that patients travel for 7 days to allow 5 full days for the treatment itself discounting the flight arrival and departure days. During the 5 day period it is expected that you will have 3-4 dental appointments to complete your Crowns/ Full Veneers. The travel time is recommended based on the number of Crowns/ Full Veneers required. In all quotations, the recommended travel time will be confirmed.


ZIRCONIUM PORCELAIN CROWNS / FULL VENEER  estimated Istanbul Dental Clinic Travel Package for  £3.900 GBP*
  • Surgery and Clinic fees for 10 Upper Jaw + 10 Lower Jaw = total 20 Zirconium Porcelain Veneers**
  • Private VIP airport transfer (round trip)
  • 7 nights accommodation at a premium hotel including breakfast***
  • Private VIP transfers between hotel and clinic during your visit,
  • Medical supplies and materials,
  • 12 month aftercare programme,
  • 24/7 specialist assistance from Dentist team throughout the duration of your both stays.



Clinic visit time scales..

Appointment 1

  • Impression for temporary teeth 
  • File Operation
  • Temporary tetth placement

Appointment 2 and 3

  • Veneer/Crown replacement
  • Bite check and revision if needed
  • Finalization



What are the available colours? 

At the dental clinics in Turkey there over 30 tooth colours available as per the vita colour shade chart which is a universal tooth shading system. There are all shades available ranging from Hollywood white to natural white to yellow or even brown. Of course if you are planning Cosmetic Dentistry for a single tooth or only a few teeth the Dental Technicians will match the colour of your new Crowns/ Full Veneers to the colour of your surrounding teeth. Also if you would like an overall brighter, whiter smile the Dentists can also apply Professional Teeth Whitening with laser to your surrounding teeth before your colour selection. The whitest shade available is Hollywood White also known as BL1. Hollywood White and Natural White are the most popular choices in the case of a Smile Makeover or a Dental Facelift. Some patients like the fake look whilst other patients prefer a natural finish. In all cases, all options are discussed in detail during your consultation and the end decision is yours as to which colour you prefer.



Can I still have full veneers /crown even if I have a missing tooth?

If you have a missing tooth or few teeth missing along the same row and you have a tooth on each side of the gap the Dentists can create a dental bridge using a unit of dental crowns. The bridge will be fixed in place to the teeth on each side of the gap so it is a long-term solution that is easy to maintain with daily brushing. The gap will be closed and the teeth will appear as individual teeth. There are examples available and if required we can happily share before and after examples of other patients.


How long do full veneers / dental crown last?

Full veneers / dental crowns are guaranteed 5 years by the producing companies. However in reality they should last 15-20 years from the completion of the dental treatment, if good oral hygiene and health is maintained.



Does the clinic charge for the removal of existing veneers / crowns?

Our agreed clinics in Turkey don't charge for the removal of existing crown. They remove the cown/full veneer, clean the natural tooth and create a new full veneer/crown.



Does full veneer procedure hurt?

Full veneer / dental crown is a cosmetic dental treatment and not a surgical procedure. Because of the local anaesthetic which numbs the area  you will not feel the treatment.



Why should I have my full veneers / dental crowns in Turkey?

Affording treatment in a clinic with this level of skills and technology in the UK is outside of the reach of most pockets. This doesn't mean cosmetic dental treatments are cheap in Turkey, the actual reason of the price difference is Turkish Lira being weak against Great British Pounds. The clinics we work with in Istanbul and Fethiye are classed as ‘Dental Centres’ and are fully licensed and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Also, your local Dentist may have experience of cosmetic dentistry but generally this experience is limited and only a few full veneers / crown are placed each week. Some of our agreed clinics in Turkey are manufacturing and placing over 50 Crowns/ Full Veneers each week. 



* Depending on how many teeth you have missing and on the number of porcelain veneers you need prices can change. The expert dental team will customise a treatment plan to suit your personal requirements.

** Contact us for free and no obligation online consultation.

*** Ask for traveling with friend or family options.

**** Flight is excluded, Whatsapp our booking team from 07810 613 737 for flight recommendations and how to customise your trip.

***** Check with our consultants about our Fethiye and Antalya travel packages.







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